Ready to Easily Create Strong Characters?

Develop characters with stronger motivations, smoldering internal conflicts, and more consistent "in-character" actions.

Characters drive our fiction writing and draw readers in to our stories, screenplays, and novels. But it can be easy to have our characters act and think in ways that contradicts the characters we've developed.

How can you write strong characters with strong internal conflicts, motivations, and actions, but still make sure that their characters are consistent from beginning to end?

Personality assessments and types give us a shorthand to develop strong, consistent characters without losing any of the pieces that make them interesting and connectable to our readers.

In this mini course, we'll look at:

  • Which assessments are easiest to use to develop characters
  • How assessment types can create greater character consistency
  • How to use assessments to find strong internal motivations and conflicts for action
  • How to explain character deviations in a way that makes them work.

You’ll also receive a character worksheet that you can use while you write and a list of resources to give you more information on some of the personality assessments.

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